How to use the BEE Templates add-on for Gmail


The BEE Templates for Gmail add-on lets you to create great-looking email messages directly in Gmail. It provides you with a number of professionally-designed email templates that you can use to send all kinds of cool messages to your Gmail contacts.



When to use it

There are lots of scenarios in which you can leverage BEE Templates to send visually rich emails to one or more Gmail contacts. For example:

  • Event promotions
  • RSVP invitations
  • 'Thank You!' notes
  • Blog updates
  • Job alerts
  • Product launch announcements

BEE templates is FREE. No registration is required to use it within your Gmail account: just install the add-on and start creating cool emails right in your Gmail inbox!


How it works

Using BEE Templates for Gmail it it's very easy:

  1. In Gmail, click on the "+" on the right panel to add a new add-on
  2. Search for "templates" and select "BEE Templates for Gmail" (or you can use this link)
  3. Install it (if you are using Gsuite within a company, asking your admin to authorize it first)
  4. Click on any message in the inbox: you should see a small, light blue BEE logo appear in the Gmail add-ons column on the right side. If it's not there, try reloading Gmail. Still not there? Try emptying the browser's cache and then reloading Gmail. Still not there? Make sure that you select any message in the inbox: add-ons are only displayed once a message has been selected.
  5. Click on the template that you would like to use
  6. Gmail will open the message editor with the template preloaded in it
  7. Edit it as you wish.
  8. That's it: you can now send it as you do with any other message!



Limitation about message responsiveness on mobile devices

While BEE-designed messages follow best practices for modern HTML email, please note that the Gmail composer strips parts of the code that our templates use to display the mobile version. Therefore, messages that you edit and send with Gmail will always display the desktop version regardless of where they are opened. 

In other words: if a message is sent with Gmail, even if you use a BEE-designed template to start with...

  • Gmail will strip out the code that makes the message responsive.
  • The message will therefore not respond to the device in which it is viewed.
  • Even if the message is opened on a mobile device, it will render just like it does on a desktop device.

In many cases, that's not a big problem. The templates that you will find in the BEE Templates add-on for Gmail were specifically designed with a structure that minimizes the effects of this limitation.

That said, if you need to send more complex messages (e.g. multi-column) and if you need those messages to adjust to the device in which they are opened, then you could consider this solution:

  • Design your emails with BEE: the code is mobile-responsive.
  • Use a BEE Pro account to push the email to an email marketing system.
  • Send the message with one of those systems.

With BEE Pro you can push emails to MailChimp, MailUp, HubSpot, SendGrid, and more!

Uninstalling the add-on

To uninstall any Gmail Add-on, please follow the instructions in the Gmail documentation at:


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