Connecting BEE with your image file storage

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As you may have noticed, BEE plugin is provided with a default cloud storage for files (images or files that the message uses or links to).

This approach may fit well for applications that offer content creation for the first time, especially if they don't need to share these files with other areas of the application.

If you do want users to be able to access the same image and file directories that they use elsewhere in your application, we have a solution.

We created a way to connect to a custom file system provider, allowing you to use BEE with your own file storage, no matter which technology you use. 

What is a custom file system provider?

It's an API that will allow the BEE editor to perform actions with files out of the plugin environment, connecting your file system to BEE's file manager.

It can be built with your preferred technology: just be sure to follow our instructions to ensure successful communication between the two systems. 

Once successfully connected, when an user uploads a file or creates a new folder in the BEE editor's file manager, this API will perform these actions in your storage, instead of our default cloud storage.

How flexible is it?

Directories permissions, root directory to use, how thumbnails for images are generated, etc.: it's entirely up to you.

How can I develop my file system provider?

We prepared some documentation and some sample code to get you started her: Start building a file system provider API for BEE.

How do I connect it to the editor?

  • Log into your account at
  • Locate the application that you want to work with
  • Access the application details and then open the configuration panel.
  • Under "Storage options" you will find a switch to activate the connection.
  • Before saving this option you will be asked to provide a URL, a user and a password to connect your API. Make sure that these parameters have been entered correctly.
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    If I implemented BeeFree plugin to my web application and it is used by many users, can I in some way give access to images according to folder in main bucket?For example User_1 has access only to folder user_1_img,  User_2 only to user_2_img, and so on ...

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    Guillermo Padilla
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    David Palmer

    Having an issue where some instances, the request to your URL: 404's

    I looked at the request, and it's perfectly normal.

    So that's thing the first, why would this happen?

    The second thing, a really helpful feature is to provide developers with an error log of some sort when this happens, because if this 404 was being caused on my end, i'd love to know about it, but our error logs show absolutely nothing, so it would be good to see what the response looked like from Bee's end. I think that would go a long way to helping devs out because i've been looking at this 404 issue for an hour and have gotten no where.