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  • Steven Pearl
    Steven Pearl

    any plans to enable book marking to have hyperlinks access a placeholder within the message?

  • Sergio M.
    Sergio M.

    Hi Steven, you can add anchor links using the custom HTML block in the BEE editor. You simply add a few lines of HTML code for the anchor name and then you can add the URL links. We'll be writing a tutorial on this very soon on our Email Design Workshop blog: So, stay tuned!

  • Lisa Altizer
    Lisa Altizer

    Hi Sergio - do you know when they will make a tutorial on this? I would love to know how to do this. Many thanks!

  • Massimo Arrigoni
    Massimo Arrigoni

    Hi Lisa, here we go:

  • Jessika Wickering
    Jessika Wickering

    Having serious issues with this. When I copy an old message it messes with the photos. (I.e. I created email A & send then copy email A to create email B. When I look back at email A it's showing email B's photos - which are completely wrong!) Can anyone help me?

  • Massimo Arrigoni
    Massimo Arrigoni

    Hi Jessika, what you describe is not an issue that we are aware of in BEE Pro, or that we can replicate. We just tried again:
    * Created XYZ, a copy of message ABC
    * Edited images in XYZ and saved the message
    * Went back to messages page and opened message ABC: all the images are correct.
    Could you provide more information on what you are seeing? Could you better detail the steps you are taking?

  • Nadja von Massow
    Nadja von Massow

    Where is the template catalogue in BEE Pro exactly? My "templates" area is completely empty. Thre's no link to the template catalogue visible on the FREE version. Do I keep switching back and forth between BEE Free and BEE Pro? If I want to add team members and client users, will I have to keep telling them to go to the FREE version to grab a new template from the pre-coded catalogue?

  • Ben Sciascia
    Ben Sciascia

    When I try to create a template from scratch, it's set to a page template. How do I create an email-specific template that uses the width set in settings for example?

  • Roisin  Grieco
    Roisin Grieco

    Hello Ben, you can start a new email design from scratch by clicking on the Create New button on the Projects page; then, you will have the option to select which kind of design you want to work on.

    Choose the Create a new email option and then the blank template.

    This way, you will be able to build your email design.



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