May 2017 Update

Dynamic images

The BEE editor now support images that are dynamically loaded, i.e. based on variables included in the link to the file: a name, a customer ID, an email, a date and time, etc. This is an exciting feature because it opens the door to all kinds of very cool scenarios.

For example, dynamic ads, countdown timers, or personalized birthday cards that include the customer's name, like this one from Niftyimages.


As you will notice from looking at the image block settings on the right, the editor now allows you to specify both a placeholder URL - so you can see an image in the editing area and in previews - and a dynamic URL, which is the URL that will actually be used in the HTML of the message or landing page.

The Dynamic images feature will be available for users of BEE Free, BEE Pro, and BEE Plugin paid plans.

Learn more about dynamic images.


Improvements to social icons

We added new social icons (Glassdoor, SnapChat, WeChat & Telegram) and introduced a number of new, preset styles so that matching the icons to your look & feel becomes even easier. This includes some transparent styles.

Here are the new styles to discover in the icon collections:



Other changes

Superscript characters

You can now select some text in the text editor when working in the text content block, and superscript it.



Finnish language

BEE is available in many languages. We have a new contributor for Finnish. It will be added to the editor as soon as the contributor provides the translation for the current version.

Talking about languages, we have instead lost our Indonesian contributor, so that language will no longer be supported until a new contributor is found.


Improvements in image performance & deliverability

Social icons are now delivered faster via Amazon's CloudFront content delivery network. In addition, as CloudFront is used by a large number of businesses, it has a neutral reputation when it comes to email deliverability (i.e. it does not negatively impact deliverability, even if an individual user were to send unsolicited messages that contain the same assets).

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  • Avatar
    Sean Williams

    I love the dynamic images - it would be really great if social icons could also support dynamic images.

  • Avatar
    Guillermo Padilla

    Hi Sean, thanks for the feedback. Would you like to provide custom icons for each user?

  • Avatar
    Sean Williams

    Just that I'd like to use a cid: embedded-image for them, I don't mind if it works the same way as the normal image.  Also opens up the possibility of base64 encoded src as well. 

  • Avatar
    Sean Williams

    Dividers have dynamic images already. :+1: