Saving a message on

If you are using BEE Pro, please also see: Saving & exporting your message. If you are using the embeddable version of the BEE editor - BEE Plugin - please see: where are messages saved?

Saved in your browser

When you use, the editor saves a copy to your browser storage system. This goes beyond the browser session. You can close your browser session (all browser tabs) and then restart the browser. When you go back to, the system will retrieve the message from your browser storage. Also, it will ask you if you wish to continue working on it.


There is nothing you need to do to save the message to your browser. An auto-save feature takes care of the task every 30 seconds.

Save by downloading a ZIP file

When you save a message with BEE Free or BEE Pro, the system allows you to download a ZIP file. It contains both the HTML and the images that make up the message. You can then import the file into any application that allows you to do so, and then edit & send the message there.

For example, see:

Save by sending the message to your ESP

Some email marketing systems allow you to save a message into your account by sending it to a special email address. For example, in MailUp there is the "List+" feature. You send an email to a special address, and MailUp will save it to that List in your account. The folks at MailChimp call it Email Beamer, and it works the same way.

Save by sending the message to Zapier

Zapier is a system that connects many applications. You can use it to push a message created on to another application. See: Exporting to many apps via Zapier.

Save by sending the message to yourself

Use the Actions > Sent test feature to send a message to yourself. The message will arrive in your inbox. You can use it or save it taking advantage of the features available to you in your email program (e.g. Gmail, Outlook, etc.).
For example, let's say you want to send a message created with the BEE editor from your Gmail or Outlook account. Here are the simple steps to take:
  • Send the message to your Gmail account using the "Send test" feature
  • In Gmail, select the message and click on "Forward"
  • Remove the extra lines at the top and the signature, if any
  • Select "Edit subject" to change the message subject
  • Enter the recipients and send it

Save by using a BEE Pro account

With BEE Pro you can create an account on and also:
- save and edit messages
- create new messages from templates
- clone existing ones
- send test mailings and more
Not using BEE Pro, check it out!
If you are already using BEE Pro, see Saving, testing, and exporting your emails.


What's next?

We're going to make it smoother for visitors of to create a message in and then save it to their BEE Pro account. In case they decided to create a BEE Pro account. We'll work on that soon to improve the user experience for users.
If you have any feedback or ideas, please let us know in the community.
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  • Avatar
    Steven Pearl

    we think you have a nice product..are you thinking of including a library of templates and images in the paid version?

  • Avatar
    Tyler Meador

    Great product. Can't wait until we can create accounts and save messages!

  • Avatar
    Massimo Arrigoni

    Hi Tyler, thanks for the kind words. Yes, BEE Pro is coming soon (!!

  • Avatar

    Hey there. I stumbled on your product and love it! I created a template in the free version but want to save it to continue working on it, so I signed up for a Pro account. The thing is that my template did not show up in my pro account. How do I get it?

  • Avatar
    Massimo Arrigoni

    Hi Stephanie, we are very aware of the problem that this causes, and we are actively looking to improve the user experience for our customers soon. Right now there is no easy fix, unfortunately: you will need to recreate the message in your new BEE Pro account.

  • Avatar

    Well, that's unpleasant. But I'll overlook it as I am extremely happy that you exist at all! Fantastic product. I would love to provide feedback and give suggestions for enhancements, is it best to post them here?

    Also, thanks so much for the swift reply Massimo!

  • Avatar
    Massimo Arrigoni

    Hi Stephanie, yes, we are the first ones to be embarrassed that we still have not fixed that bad user experience. Hopefully very soon!!

    Thanks for the kind words about the editor, it means a lot to our team.

    Absolutely, feedback and suggestions are very, very welcome. If it pertains to BEE Pro, please post here:

    Thanks again!

  • Avatar
    Cutter Johnston

    Thank you Massimo Arrigoni and BEE. Great product! Still test driving, working out kinks and refining my maiden email but success is immanent.

  • Avatar

    Hi Massimo, I'm loving Beefree! I've just used it to create a nice little emailer for our school. However, I seem to have lost my template all together! I'm freaking out! I have exported the zip-file but I need to edit it one last time before I can send it. Please help me ! This would be much appreciated!!
    Thank-you :)

  • Avatar
    Sergio M.

    Hi Nina, glad that you're liking the BEE editor!

    You should be able to edit and access your template again by clicking on the "Continue editing your last message?" link on the top, blue header from the homepage

  • Avatar
    Trent Jackson

    Everything has gone smoothly so far, but when I download the html and copy the code over to constant contact all my images are there except for the social media icons. How do i link the icons so that it isn't just the text link to social sites?

  • Avatar
    Lisa Ceccon

    i have tried to send a test to myself and it won't go through?????? It went through the first time but now won't