Merge tags & Special links settings

The Team edition of BEE Pro gives you access to additional settings such as:

Merge tags

Merge tags are placeholders that are replaced with real values at the time the message is sent. They could be recipient-specific (e.g. first name, email, the latest product ordered, etc.) or system-wide (e.g. today's date, sender's name, etc.). Consult with your email service provider to learn more about which merge tags you can use in your emails.

When you add your own merge tags to the system, they become available in the BEE editor via the Merge tags menu in the Text content block's toolbar and via the "@" shorthand. Here is an example of a user adding the "Last order date" merge tag to a text block.


To add and manage merge tags in your BEE Pro account, click on Settings from the My messages page. You will see an area of the page entitled Merge tags.


To add a new merge tag, click on Create new merge tag and specify a name (it will be shown in the editor when you select a merge tag) and the syntax used for that merge tag by the system that will replace the tag with a value at the time the email is sent.


To edit or remove a merge tag, simply mouse over it and click on the corresponding link.

Special links

Most email service providers use special syntax for the system links that perform actions such as:

  • Unsubscribing a recipient
  • Loading a Web version of an email
  • Sending the email to a friend

In the Team edition of BEE Pro, you can add these special links to your account settings, so that they become available in the editor, and you don't have to memorize whatever specific syntax they use.


To add special links to your BEE Pro account, click on Settings from the My messages page. You will see an area of the page entitled Special links.


To add a new special link, click on Create new special link and specify a name, the link URL, and a category.


To edit or remove a special link, simply mouse over it and click on the corresponding link.

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    I really welcome these changes! With these features, we could now use Campaign Monitor with Beefree Pro, without having to edit by hand the generated HTML to include tags.

    Regrettably, it seems that the proposed "special links" for CM are not correct. By importing a HTML from BF Pro to CM, it finds the "webversion" tag does not find the unsubscribe tag.

    Tags in CM are not "[unsubscribe]" but like this:

    Is there a work-around, or a plan to fix this?

  • Avatar

    Introducing a custom HTML block in the editor (as well as in this post), all "custom tags" are removed. Here is a link to the documentation of CM

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    Massimo Arrigoni

    You can edit all the Special Links in your BEE Pro account. It's not clear what merge tag needs to be put in the HREF statement with Campaign Monitor. The documentation that you pointed us to does not clarify that. We are referring to the equivalent to this for MailChimp:

    What is the equivalent to that with CM? That way we can update our default "Special Links".

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    In CM, the tags are like HTML "elements" for paragraphs or divs, i.e. it needs to be opened and closed. This enable to customise the content of the text linking to the unsubscribe page - which is nice.
    It is not possible in this editor to introduce HTML Tags, these are removed.
    The link to the CM documentation contains information under the chapter "Custom coded emails", i quote:
    For custom coded HTML, the element automatically generates a personalized unsubscribe link for each recipient."
    I tried to use the Special Links as well, but it does not generate the desired results. I tried also to introduce the tags with a "Custom HTML Block", but BeeFree Pro remove the tags - as not HTML Standard (like DIV, P, etc.)

    Any other ideas? I subscribed to the new Team Edition mainly for this feature, as it would save me a lot of time editing the code manually after importing it to CM, but it does not work as I want.

  • Avatar
    Massimo Arrigoni

    Thanks for the additional information. We'll review the information internally and get back to you!

  • Avatar

    Any update on this, i.e. the compatibility of the merge tags with Campaign Monitor? I upgraded to the Team Edition only for this feature, but I tested today again, and it is not stil working (unsubscribe tags not recognised as such in CM, requiring additional coding for each mailing developed with Beefree).

    Otherwise, still the best editor available on the market - by far!