June 19, 2017 | Scheduled Maintenance

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On Monday, June 19, 2017, we will be doing scheduled maintenance from 1 AM to 3 AM EST on the BEE editor and its plugin.

We expect actual downtime to be less than 25 minutes.

All applications using BEE Plugin - including beefree.io - will be affected.


What will change?

We use a MySQL database to store application settings at developers.beefree.io. The database will be upgraded to a new version of MySQL. This is due to a forced database migration in our Amazon Web Services hosting environment.


What will users of the BEE editor see?

Users that launch the editor in your application during the maintenance window will see a "We'll be back soon!" service page, similar to the following.

Note that:

  • This page is only shown if you link to BeePlugin.js (recommended implementation), not if you load the file as a local resource.
  • The page will only be in English.
  • If the maintenance window is shorter than 2 hours (it could be as short as 25 minutes), the editor will be available again and they will no longer see this message.
  • This only applies to users that launch the editor: those that are already using the editor will not see this message. See the next paragraph.


Minimizing impact on active users

Users that are already using the editor at the time the downtime occurs (i.e. "active users") will experience the editor not responding to certain actions. Some tasks (e.g. moving a content item) will work just fine, but others (e.g. loading a new image) will not respond.

To minimize impact and optimize their user experience, we recommend:

  1. Ensuring your implementation of BEE Plugin takes advantage of the auto-save feature so that the message is frequently auto-saved and no (or minimal) work is lost.
  2. Showing active users a courtesy message, in your application, that informs them of the maintenance window and asks them not to create or edit messages/pages during that window. We recommend that you use a maintenance window that's a bit larger than the one indicated at the top of this page.


Maintenance completed

We will send you a "Maintenance completed" email message once the database migration task has been completed. If all goes as expected, it will be sent as quickly as 30 minutes after the start of the maintenance window. If something goes wrong and we need to rollback, the estimate the rollback to take about one hour.


Will beefree.io be affected too?

Yes, it will. Since we are a user of BEE Plugin (on beefree.io) just like you, any downtime affects us too. No shortcuts or special treatments.


Please let us know if you have any questions.


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