August 2016 | User roles & permissions, new social media icons

This week we're publishing a new release of the BEE editor (v2.3). On our never-ending quest to building one of the very Best Email Editors, we spent time on user roles and permissions in the embeddable version of BEE (what we call BEE Plugin), new social media icons, bug fixes, and other improvements.

User roles and permissions is a feature that had been requested by many SaaS applications that have embedded the editor. It gives them the option to allow certain users - e.g. a Manager - to restrict and lock rows and modules, so other users (e.g. a Junior Editor) cannot edit them (e.g. a footer with legal language and special links).

This new "restricted editing" feature is currently available in BEE Plugin paid plans. We may extend this functionality to BEE Pro down the road (e.g. useful for a digital agency and its clients), so stay tuned and let us know if this is something you'd like. Any feedback is welcome!

Let's start with a quick overview of user roles and permissions, followed by the new social media icons, and end with a quick list of bug fixes and improvements.    

User roles and permissions

Available on BEE Plugin paid plans only. Currently in BETA.

We've added the ability to create user roles and set permissions in BEE Plugin. You will especially appreciate this if your application allows for multi-user accounts with different levels of users. You can now create as many or few user roles as you wish (e.g. manager, editors, copywriters) and specify their permissions in the section of the developer portal where you configure your application.

For example  a "Brand Manager" might have all four permissions, whereas a "Senior Editor" might have editing access to rows and modules, but not the ability to lock/unlock them, and a "Junior Editor" might not have any access to any locked content.

Once you have created the different user roles and assign them their specific permissions, you can then pass that "role" to the editor as a parameter when you initialize it for that user.

Users with permissions to do so can lock a row by simply selecting it and clicking on the lock/unlock control. The same is true for specific content blocks in a row (when the row has not been locked).

Users without this permission will not be able to edit any content in the row, and will see a friendly alert message when attempting to do so. If the row is unlocked, but specific content is locked, they will not be able to edit that content, and will see a similar message.

Learn more

To learn more about this "restricted editing" feature, how to enable it in BEE Plugin, and how to identify the type of user when initializing the editor in your application, please see restricting access to content with roles and permissions.


New social media icons added

Available on all BEE products: BEE Free, BEE Pro, BEE Plugin

We've added a number of new social media icons that you can now include in your emails. You will now find additional icons for Blogger, Medium,Tumblr, SoundCloud, Spotify, Vimeo, Vine, qZone, Sina, and Weibo.


Additional improvements & bug fixes

  • Adding a custom color to highlighted text in a text block is now possible.
  • Updated the HTML parser to address an Outlook width certain tables.
  • Fixed error in the File Manager when typing an invalid character in the Photo Gallery search.
  • Fixed vertical alignment and rendering issue of social media buttons in Outlook.
  • Fixed an issue with MAILTO links.
  • Fixed text going outside of text block in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed a style bug in the Preview window.
  • Refactoring and additional performance improvements.


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  • Avatar
    Seth Petersen

    I see here that you included "Fixed vertical alignment and rendering issue of social media buttons in Outlook." Having just begun using Bee, it still looks like there are rendering issues in Outlook (Outlook 2013 on Windows 8.1). Any advice to make sure it's rendering properly for my subscribers?

  • Avatar
    Sergio M.

    Hi Seth, do you have a screenshot of your Outlook rendering issue? Thanks!

  • Avatar
    Seth Petersen

    Sure do, where should I send it/upload it?

  • Avatar
    Seth Petersen

    Hey Sergio, where should i send a screen grab?

  • Avatar
    Sergio M.

    Hi Seth, I'll open a support ticket shortly. Please reply via email there. Thanks!

  • Avatar
    Ana Jov

    Hi, has this issue "Fixed vertical alignment and rendering issue of social media buttons in Outlook" been resolved yet? Still appears incorrectly in Outlook when printing the email. When viewing the email it looks correct. 

  • Avatar
    Becky Powell

    Hi there! Do you plan to add the WeChat social icon any time soon?

  • Avatar
    Guillermo Padilla

    Hi Becky, yes, we plan to update soon the socials soon with mor services, including WeChat, and new icon options.