September 2016 | Background Images & Plug & Play AWS S3 Bucket

Let's look at the new features introduced in September 2016!

A Plug & Play S3 Bucket storage option is here

Available on all BEE Plugin plans

How about a fast and easy way to connect your own AWS S3 bucket to the embeddable version of the BEE email editor? You're in luck! We've added the option to use your own Amazon Web Service S3 storage account in BEE Plugin.

This option is available to all BEE Plugin users.

Where to find it? Simply log into your developer account, select the application that you want to work with, and find it under Application Configuration > Storage options:

Looking for technical details? Please consult our help article Configuring your own AWS S3 bucket to work with BEE Plugin in which we explain how set up a compatible folder structure and connect your instance of BEE Plugin to your S3 account.


Using image backgrounds for even more stunning emails

Available on BEE Free, BEE Pro and BEE Plugin (paid plans only)

Background images can help create visually stunning email designs and make it easy to overlay text onto photos without having to edit the image files themselves. No wonder many email designers had been asking us to add this feature to the BEE editor.

We're excited to announce that support for background images in email is here! You can now add images to rows as the background to create even more beautiful emails with BEE, like this one:


Learn all the details in Adding a background image to your emails, in which we explain:

  • How to upload an image for the row background via the Row Properties panel
  • How to use the "Full width", "Repeat", and "Center" properties
  • Email client compatibility with a few notes from our test results


Additional improvements

  • Image optimization: all image files uploaded to the editor are now automatically optimized without any loss of quality.
  • Auto-resizing when uploading an image: we increased the allowed max-width size limit to support the image background feature. Only the biggest images are resized during upload.
  • Improved the BEE Plugin developer portal UI for a better user experience.

For additional information on BEE release, see the release notes.

Your feedback is welcome

Hope you like these new features: let us know if you have any feedback!

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