Release notes

BEE v2.3.1



  • BEE Pluign developer portal re-design with a better and easier plugin configuration section.
  • Images max-width limit has been increased for proper usage of the background image option (automatic resize is applied only to high resolution images).
  • A loss-less optimization procedure is automatically applied to all uploaded images.


  • Fixed an issue that applied a wrong link when a URL was used as text in the button content.
  • Fixed an issue in text content blocks that caused some strings to disappear from the editing area.


BEE v2.1.3

General information about this release: Four new languages and better social media component


  • The addition of German, Polish, Swedish and Traditional Chinese as available languages. See a full list of languages supported by BEE.
  • Improved and easier to use social block. See what changed.
  • Performance & maintenance improvements to he text editor.
  • Improved error tracking system.
  • Improved deploy method that reduces downtimes when adding complex features.
  • Allow the use of the browsers spell check feature in the text blocks.


Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the usage of placeholders that combine curly and square braces.
  • Fixed an issue with the web fonts fallback on Outlook.
  • Fixed an issue when uploading images with non-Latin characters in the file name.
  • Fixed an issue with the manual insertion of placeholders as text.
  • Fixed an issue when deleting files with a % symbol in the name.
  • Fixed a Firefox incompatibility issue that resulted in not being able to sort social icons in the content options panel.
  • Fixed a button width issue when the message general width is modified.



BEE v2.1.2

General information about this release: BEE 2.1.2 is now live
General information about fonts: Using web fonts in the BEE editor


    • New web fonts are now available in the text options
    • New UI for the special link selection, allows the user to browse categories and search by keyword. Only available when the special link is applied to images or buttons.
    • Support for {{ double curly brackets syntax }} as text placeholder
    • Files from the file manager can be easily linked in the text
    • UI simplification of the text toolbar
    • New UI for the column border widget: easier to use and translations bullet proof
    • BEE domain is not visible in the URL path of the image properties
    • The application dismisses the use of local storage to avoid errors when third party cookies are blocked
    • Infrastructure improvements to the default FSP API


Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue in the file manager when dragging an image to a non-empty folder
  • Fixed some cross-browser issues with IE
  • Fixed an issue with links that contained tel on the URL




BEE v2.1.1

Version 2.1.1 includes:

  • Some improvements to text links
    • Now you can choose the link type as on images and buttons
    • You can remove the underline in the text
    • The special links now use the name as default text
  • Text toolbar localization
  • Reordered button options
  • Fixes applied to:
    • the divider was not aligned correctly on stage
    • Gmail web app hide part of the message in small screens
    • the autosave timing only works with default values
    • the delete all action in the file manager not working
    • errors on image size
    • padding and border resetting to 0 when switching modality (more/less options)
  • Improvements to deploy automation, internal environments and development procedures



BEE v2.1.0

Version 2.1.0 includes:

  • The new HTML content block, which allows users to add their own HTML code to the email
  • Important fixes for the Button module
    • Fixed several text rendering problems in Outlook
    • Fixed a button width issue
    • Fixed an issue with the link not working properly on AirMail client
  • Fix to allow the use of the apostrophe when adding a subject or title to a mailto link
  • Fix to the adjust to width issue setting in images (setting was not saved properly)
  • Fix to fullwidth images on iOS devices (the image did not occupy the full width when table cells were stacked vertically)
  • Fix to the allowed file size limit on upload (it is now 5MB)
  • Fix to a bug with the border propery when using a 4 columns structure
  • Fix to the wrong text hyphenation



BEE v2.0.2

Please see this maintenance notification with regard to the deployment of this release.


  • General performance improvements
  • Added new user interface for the "Special links" selection window
  • Added loading icon is now shown during message saving operations.
  • Improved the user interface in the file manager:
    • to better inform users when there are folders and/or files that cannot be deleted;
    • to better notify users when they are in a folder where they cannot create a folder or upload a file (they are in a folder that does not allow those operations).
    • to immediately display all files in "list" mode instead of showing a "show more" link;

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue with the content property panel that did not close when a row or a content item was deleted while selected.
  • Fixed issue with right-side panel being incorrectly displayed when rows or content elements where very quickly selected.
  • Fixed column rendering issue in Apple Mail on older versions of the operating system. It affected messages containing multi-column rows.
  • Fixed column rendering issue on the iPad: in multi-column rows, each column was placed on a new row even if there was enough horizontal real estate to display the columns side by side. They are now handled correctly.
  • Fixed issue with image size not being correctly handled in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed issue with social media icon being displayed on a different row in certain scenarios when more than 4 icons where used.
  • Fixed Firefox-only issue: when dragging and dropping a content element into the message, the placeholder did not seem to work.
  • Fixed some issues with the Firefox and IE browsers with regard to the rendering of images in the mobile device preview. 



BEE v2.0.1



  • Fullwidth automatic for large images

Bug fixes

  • Fixed button alignment issue on some email clients
  • Fixed image alignment issue on Microsoft Outlook client
  • Fixed divider as spacer issue
  • Fixed empty row update
  • Disable import button on file manager when not available



BEE v2.0.0

Release of the developer portal

The developer portal will allow you to create your application credentials and manage the desired configurations for each one.



BEE v2.0.0-rc2

Improvements & fixes

  • Allowed multisession on same browser
  • Text toolbar added options: rtl and ltr text
  • Buttons with long texts translations are not hidden
  • Scroll-bar is now always shown
  • Issue with buttons width
  • Fixed text length issues
  • Fixed four columns image bug



BEE v2.0.0-rc1

Improvements & fixes

  • Added reset status of select all and turn on loader during multi-delete operation on file manager
  • Updated file manager icons for windows
  • Removed text editor context menu
  • Removed white space on the bottom of the file manager file list
  • Resolved null reference image url on module when a template is loaded
  • Fix for image fullwidth status
  • Fix for file manager new folder name validation
  • Fixed text overflow on file manager buttons
  • Fix error on file manager's thumbnail loading
  • Fixed media queries in widget bar tabs under 1024px
  • Fixed visibility of tooltips on tab header



BEE v2.0.0-beta2


  • FileManager component
  • Heartbeat service
  • Language management


  • Added link types management and padding management to image block
  • Added tel and SMS as new link types available in buttons and images
  • Image placeholder deletion
  • Updated English lang strings
  • Fullwidth auto for large images
  • Improved configuration management
  • HTML parsing performance improvement 

Bug fixes

  • Fixed scroll on merge tag list
  • Fixed br and table management on parsing
  • Fixed loading issues



BEE v2.0.0-beta1


  • Check UID with validator method
  • Now can use buttons on your app's UI for toolbar actions (save, save as template, show preview, send)
  • Upgrade to Angular 1.4

Bug fixes

  • Fixed link color on preview and parsing
  • Fixed text strings
  • Added font-families to tinyMCE Editor
  • Fixed padding order on button widget bar
  • Fixed some font-related issues


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