Customizing the toolbar

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BEE plugin uses the toolbar set-up to modify the way it fits in your application.


What it does

The toolbar contains all the actions not related directly with content edition, like save, send a test or preview.

You can decide the inner elements from it, from hiding our brand to removing the save button, to build the BEE editor version that better fits in your application.

Not enough? remove the toolbar completely and offer all the actions with your own UI elements.


How it works

Just login to and select your application details.

Open the configuration to access the available options, the first tab will show you the toolbar set-up.

The available options are:

Show toolbar | is the main option, if is not active, the elements listed bellow get hidden

Show BEE logo | show our logo and links our site

Show preview | trigger the preview window

Show send test | trigger the function for sending a test

Show save as template | is used to save only the editable version of the message

Show Save button | if you don't have a external one, better not to hide this :)

Show auto-save icon | this tiny icon alert the user every time the auto-save works

Show help link | this option is special, because you can also introduce your custom help URL


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  • Avatar
    Attila Dobi

    Hey Guille,

    I would have a question: If I hide the save button using the admin, how can I setup a coustom one. How can I trigger the save event of the editor from outside the editor.

    For example:
    <a />
    <div id=bee-container />

    Is there a global function?

  • Avatar
    Guillermo Padilla

    Hi Attila, check the "Configuring the editor article" ⟩ "Controlling the editor from your UI":