August 2016 | BEE Pro Update: New templates, Emoji support, etc

While we're super-busy working on some major new functionality, here's a quick update to BEE Pro that adds some new templates and addresses a few, common issues.

Cool new templates

Our designers had fun crafting some beautiful new templates. You'll see them when creating a new message in your BEE Pro account (Create new message > Choose a template).

Emoji support

This email from Reddit probably went a bit too far with emojis in the subject line...

... but when used sparingly, emojis can indeed help you attract your readers' attention and increase the open rate of your email campaigns.

Until now they could not be used in your BEE Pro account, unfortunately, as they caused the message code to become corrupted. That's no longer the case: emojis are now fully supported in the BEE editor, and no longer break your messages. Thanks for letting us know about this issue!

Preventing loss of work

We keep improving the fail-safe mechanisms in BEE Pro to prevent any loss of work when you accidentally exit the BEE editor without saving your message.

If you have any questions, please post in the comments!

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