What are the use cases for creating multiple applications?

In the BEE Plugin Developer Portal you can create multiple applications, i.e. multiple instances of the BEE editor that will be used for different purposes. Having multiple applications allows you to manage settings for those implementations of the BEE editor differently in the different environments in which you decide to use the editor.

Some of the most common use cases are:

  1. Different environments: e.g. a staging vs. production environment, for which you wish to have different settings. For example, you may want to enable the Custom HTML content block in your staging environment before going live in your production environment. Enabling or disabling the Custom HTML content block is an application-level setting.
  2. Different products made available by your company.
  3. Different implementations of the editor within the same product. For example, in the MailUp marketing platform we are actually using the BEE editor to let users create landing pages too, as you can see below :-)


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