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  • David MOLE
    David MOLE

    Where is the navigaton BELOW my image to the bottom of my TEMPLATE? UX ELEMENTOR BUILDER is intuitive.

  • Matteo Mazzolari
    Matteo Mazzolari

    Hi David, thanks for your comment! Can you please provide more information about your concern?

  • Katlyn Bradley
    Katlyn Bradley

    How do you find the code for your templates?

  • Matteo Mazzolari
    Matteo Mazzolari

    Let me just briefly explain the issue that you likely ran into: you can export messages in many ways (here is a summary), but not templates... until they become a message.

    This is because templates in BEE Pro are meant to act as models/layouts to start from & speed up the creation of a new email, not as "ready-to-export" emails.

    We certainly understand that this can be confusing because you might actually be creating a "template" for your own use (e.g. a template to use in a CRM system, or an email marketing platform, etc.). So... we may very well change this in the future. For now, the workflow to export a template from BEE Pro is as follows:

    1. navigate to a Project
    2. click to create a new message
    3. select any template to start from
    4. edit the message, if needed
    5. save it

    you now have a "message" that was created from that "template"
    now you can export it in a variety of ways, as described here

    Sorry again for the confusing user experience.

  • Public Relations Officer IITH
    Public Relations Officer IITH

    Hi Team Bee Pro,

    I loved the concept & enjoy using it.

    But I found a big blunder that may cost me my reputation.

    I have created a template for my weekly mailer in the organization, where there is a change of content & image. I loved the flexibility of the design by Beepro.

    Recently, I noticed that if I change the content & design in the template for this week. My last week's email had an issue (not only in my sent box but my colleagues' inboxes also); it showed the new image. Obviously, the text & image mismatch.

    If it is not available on free version, I should be prompted for it.

    Request immediate help!


  • Marianne Madsen
    Marianne Madsen

    Hi Public Relations Officer IITH,

    Without more information about your current situation, it's hard to determine precisely what happened here. Here is some information about how the file manager in BEE Pro works that could be helpful: 

    Please note that if you delete an image from your file manager that is being used in designs that have been sent, and you then upload a new image in the file manager in the same location and with exactly the same file name, this new image will now have the same image URL as your previous image. As a result, it will be displayed also where the previous image was displayed.

    If you use the practice of deleting images from the file manager even if they are used in previous designs (and sent emails), we recommend uploading your images with a new unique file name to avoid this behavior. Alternatively, use a folder structure in your BEE Pro file manager to give your images a new location when uploading them.

    We’re sorry for any confusion and inconvenience this caused! 


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