Working with custom templates in BEE Pro

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  • David MOLE
    David MOLE

    Where is the navigaton BELOW my image to the bottom of my TEMPLATE? UX ELEMENTOR BUILDER is intuitive.

  • Matteo Mazzolari
    Matteo Mazzolari

    Hi David, thanks for your comment! Can you please provide more information about your concern?

  • Katlyn Bradley
    Katlyn Bradley

    How do you find the code for your templates?

  • Matteo Mazzolari
    Matteo Mazzolari

    Let me just briefly explain the issue that you likely ran into: you can export messages in many ways (here is a summary), but not templates... until they become a message.

    This is because templates in BEE Pro are meant to act as models/layouts to start from & speed up the creation of a new email, not as "ready-to-export" emails.

    We certainly understand that this can be confusing because you might actually be creating a "template" for your own use (e.g. a template to use in a CRM system, or an email marketing platform, etc.). So... we may very well change this in the future. For now, the workflow to export a template from BEE Pro is as follows:

    1. navigate to a Project
    2. click to create a new message
    3. select any template to start from
    4. edit the message, if needed
    5. save it

    you now have a "message" that was created from that "template"
    now you can export it in a variety of ways, as described here

    Sorry again for the confusing user experience.


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