Viewing and finding email messages

The main area in your BEE Pro account is the message catalog. With the June 2017 update to BEE Pro, we introduced Projects, which give you additional flexibility in organizing your messages. If you have not used projects before, all your messages will be located within a default project that BEE Pro created for you.

Within any of your projects, messages are listed in the order they were last updated. Use the search feature to easily locate a message, or click on a tag to view all messages that share the same tag.


For each message, BEE Pro shows...

  • A thumbnail
  • Subject line
  • Notes
  • Tags
  • Link to Collaborate (Team and Agency plans)
  • Who last edited the message and when

... and it allows you to:

  • Edit the message
  • View details, which provides more information and access to message settings (name, internal notes, tags, etc.)
  • Copy the message to quickly create a new one that's similar to it
  • Move the message to another project
  • Collaborate on the message with colleagues or clients, so that you can exchange comments and get to final approval (note: you must be using the Team edition or above)
  • Export the message
  • Delete the message

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  • Avatar
    Steven Pearl

    just logged into my BeePro account and all my past email templates are not available...I am due to be showing your product at a webinar on Tuesday and I need to understand what has happended...Urgent!

  • Avatar
    Massimo Arrigoni

    Hi Steven, we rolled out a software upgrade that introduces "Projects". The system automatically created a default "Project" for you and put all the messages there. Sorry that this created some confusion. For details on "Projects", please see:

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    amr tawfik

    HI, Steven, when i send test emails. i recieve the email in a good format. but, when i use the test format in my campaigns customers recieve it with changes in the design. not like the test email. kindly advise