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  • Tom Maiaroto
    Tom Maiaroto

    Great, but I wish it would've let me carry over the message I built before creating an account =( Now I have to start over...Yes?

  • Massimo Arrigoni
    Massimo Arrigoni

    Hi Tom, yes, it's an issue that we are very aware of and will fix soon. We apologize for the waste of time that it created for you.

  • Stephanie Falk
    Stephanie Falk

    In the new Team version would we have the ability to create customer content components/parses that could be dragged and dropped in? For example if we have a footer formatted that would be used across multiple email templates -- could that be created as a draggable content source which the team could use so they don't have to recreate each time?

  • Mounika

    Can anyone help me? Actually, I tried to embed an iframe of youtube video in custom HTML code.In the preview, it's displaying, but while sending through email that whole section(video) is missing in the mail. Thank You.


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