Email client support

We tested these email clients using internal test tools and email preview services as Email On Acid and Litmus.
Fully supported
All the options work properly. Fallback elements show for image backgrounds and web fonts.
Apple Mail 8, 9 & 10
Microsoft Outlook for Mac 2011, 2016
Microsoft Outlook for Windows 2007, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2016 *
* Background images and web fonts are not supported
Android 4.4 Mail
Gmail App (iOS)
Gmail App (Android)*
iOS Mail (iPhone & iPad)
Outlook App (Android & iOS)**
Samsung Mail App (Android)
Yahoo App (Android & iOS)
* When using a Gmail account
** Will show the desktop version when using Microsoft email accounts
G Suite
Inbox by Gmail
Office 365
AOL Mail
Comcast (web version)
Libero Mail
Virgilio (web version),,
Note: none of the above services supports web fonts
Partial support for some options
Messages display correctly, but some options (with low impact) may not display as expected.
Microsoft Outlook 2013 in high-resolution displays *
Microsoft Outlook 2016 in high-resolution displays **
Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2002 & 2003 ***
* Background images and web fonts are not supported. Applies a font resize that may expand the layout.
** Background images and web fonts are not supported. Applies a font resize that may expand the layout. The text is scaled at 200% by default in some devices.
*** Web fonts are not supported. Buttons don't display round corners. Social icons are not flexible.
Huawei Mail App (Android) *
* Icons in social content block appear vertically stacked (tested on app version
Web *
Naver **
* Buttons doesn't display properly.
** Minor glitches on separators
 Not yet supported
This list includes new and updated mobile email clients with compatibility issues.
Huawei Mail App (Android)
Only basic settings works
When sending to this clients, we recommend using text and images in a simple one-column layout.
Lotus Notes 7, 8 & 8.5
Windows 10 Mail
IBM Notes 9
Gmail App using IMAP accounts
Web clients (mobile versions)
E-mail servers
Some email servers alter sent email code.


Server type
Code changes

WebDav / Deltasync protocols

Normal POP/IMAP protocols


Microsoft Exchange no, but there could be installed filters that do change the code
IBM Domino

yes, removes unsupported HTML elements to Lotus Notes



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    What is your email address? How can I email you a question?

  • Avatar
    Guillermo Padilla

    Hi Dave, post your question as a comment or send an email to support at

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    What level of support do you have for the Outlook app for Android and iOS?
    On Android, I'm noticing that 2 column blocks get stacked, but they are left aligned. Social media icons get stacked/left aligned and buttons seem to get left aligned as well. This screenshot ( ) is an example from my Samsung S6 using the Outlook app.
    For my test, I did the following:
    -added a two column row with some text in each column
    -did a "send test" to my email account

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    Guillermo Padilla

    Hi Gharmel, we previously tested the Outlook application in Windows device, as the combination with other SOs represent a low percentual of the worldwide email recipients.
    Thanks for the feedback, recent updates of the application in Windows cause issues with buttons, so time for new tests arrived 😉

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    Jonathan Bowman

    In doing our litmus testing the Android tests are showing stacked columns as being left-aligned. This happens for all the versions I have checked in litmus - 4.4, 5.1, and 6.0 - and is happening for both 2 and 3 column layouts. These are showing in whatever client litmus supports for Android, which I believe is the Gmail app.

    Do you support responsive 2 and 3 column layouts on Android mail clients?

  • Avatar
    Rion Haber

    I'm having the same issue with stacked columns being aligned left on the native email client for Android. I've got it plugged into Office 365 right now The text doesn't seem to be responsively sizing, either.

  • Avatar
    Francisco Bautista

    Having same issue with stack column being align left while using the outlook app. when will this be resolve? and is there anything I can do while the wait for outlook app to become supported. Thanks,

  • Avatar
    Guillermo Padilla

    Some useful information for Outlook App users:
    - The last versions of the app dropped support for media queries (you can easily find some blog posts and forum threads about this)
    - The weird thing is that media queries perfectly work when using a non-Microsoft email account
    - Litmus announced last August a partnership with Microsoft to improve their email clients. That's their last update:
    Hint: they ask everybody to submit those bugs to Microsoft.

    Having said that, we continue working to handle specific clients issues including the lack of support for modern HTML/CSS.
    Please, use the "follow" link at the top to receive updates about compatibility changes.

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    Francisco Bautista

    I found a work around for the aligning left issue,
    By replacing the width: calc((int)% – (int)px ); with
    width: 100%;
    in the html output file.

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    AdFed Suncoast

    I just spent hours laying out a beautiful email in BEE, excited about the features and interface, only to realize I wasted my time:

    "Microsoft Outlook for Windows 2007, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2016 *
    * Background images and web fonts are not supported"

    This is a deal breaker for us. We were using Campaign Monitor because their code was solid and consistent across all mail clients — desktop, mobile and web. I wanted to switch to BEE because I like your email building interface. But since so many of our recipients company-wide use Outlook app on Windows, this is unacceptable. There really should be failsafe code for all email clients, whether you consider this to be bloated or not.

  • Avatar
    Matteo Mazzolari

    Hi Adfed Team, unfortunately, Outlook usually changes its rendering engine causing issues - it's a known behavior and we are always trying to do our best to make our code as responsive as we can.

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    Michelle Elizabeth

    Hello,you do not have a very helpful support center. Where I would normally be able to call or online chat, all that is supplied is a "community forum" where I can wait for my question to be approved. Not a very expedient way to move forward with an online system. 
    That being said I love the BeeFree editor. I need to know how to fix the flyers I create to work in an outlook format. I'm sure you are aware Microsoft cannot read the code well and messes the whole symmetry, font, photos, buttons, and sometimes color scheme up. What are your solutions for this. I am looking forward to keeping my premium membership, but I need it to work on outlook too before I commit to membership for my team and I. Thank you,Michelle 
    PS: Can I input a pre-made flyer and edit it in BeeFree?

  • Avatar
    Willow Elliott

    Hi Michelle, thanks for reaching out. I'm really sorry for any confusion. We do offer support to BEE Pro users. You can open a ticket with us by using our contact form ( or the support widget when you are working inside BEE Pro.

    In terms of your questions, you can find more information on how we approach Outlook in this article:

    Finally, you're not able to import pre-made templates into BEE. This is because converting HTML into a BEE-compatible template is unfortunately not technically feasible since HTML documents follow all sorts of different coding patterns, and it's virtually impossible for us to perform an accurate conversion. Sorry that we don't have better news!