How do I update my BEE Pro email?

Updating your account email

You can update your account email by visiting the "My profile" page in your BEE Pro account. You will find a link to "My profile" in the top-right account navigation.

When you click on "Update", the following will happen:
  • The existing email address will receive a notification that someone has requested an account change
  • The new email address will receive a request to confirm the account change
  • It will be active only when the user confirms the address

Updating your billing email (if any)

Note that this will update the account email: the user will use this email to log into BEE Pro.

If you wish to change the billing email associated with the holder of the BEE Pro subscription, you will need to visit the "My subscription" page. It is accessible from the same top-right menu in BEE Pro. Once there: click on "Payment details", then "My account" on the following page. There you will be able to update your billing profile, including the email that receives statement notifications, etc.

You will only see the "My subscription" link if you are the owner of the BEE Pro account.

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