How do I transfer a message to another app?

There are different ways to take an email message that you designed in BEE Pro and import it into another application. Today you can...

  • Download a zip file that contains both the HTML and the images used in your email, and import it elsewhere. Many applications, such as Mailchimp or MailUp, include a Zip import feature.
  • Download the HTML, keeping the images on BEE Pro (more about hosted images in BEE Pro). This allows you to paste the HTML virtually anywhere.
  • Send your message to another application using the Send a test feature.
  • Push your message to supported ESPs with just a couple of clicks. 

Also see: Saving, testing, and exporting your emails.

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    Mark Allen Evans

    great work, keep it up

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    Aljoscha Zöller

    CleverReach and especially Newsletter2Go would be great! My clients looove to have their data on German servers.

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    Miranda Richardson

    I did this with Infusion Soft, but and it works when I'm in editing mode. Once I send out a test it loses all the images though.

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    Massimo Arrigoni

    Sometimes the sending application alters the HTML and this can cause major problem. I would let the InfusionSoft support team know. Before you contact them, please resave the message and re-download the HTML: we made a change to the HTML code today and should make it more compatible with external systems (i.e. less likely for the external system to alter the HTML source code).

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    Miranda Richardson

    Awesome thank you so much! I will try again.

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    Carolina Capital Management

    I am having the same issue today (June 18, 2019) as Miranda had back in 2017. I downloaded the code (with hosted images) and pasted into a code block in an email template. It's great in design view but when I click preview or send a test email nothing is there. I contacted Infusion (keap) support but they won't help with coding issues.

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    Matteo Mazzolari

    Hi Caroline, let me further understand. Did you download a zip file or you got the code and pasted it into infusion?