Localizing the editor: changing language

You can now change the language used for the BEE editor's user interface as part of the configuration parameters passed to the plugin.

The language value needs to be passed in the configuration file in ISO 639-1 format with nation sub-code (4 letters). The editor will fallback to the default language (en-US) if the language specified is not supported or the format is incorrect.

Languages currently available
In the order in which they were added
 Flag Region Language Code
USA English en-US
Spain Spanish es-ES
France French fr-FR
Italy Italian it-IT
Brazil Portuguese pt-BR
Indonesia Indonesian id-ID
Japan Japanese ja-JP
China Chinese zh-CN
Hong Kong Traditional Chinese zh-HK
Germany German de-DE
Denmark Danish da-DK
Sweden Swedish sv-SE
Polish Poland pl-PL
Russia Russian ru-RU
Korea Korean ko-KR
Netherlands Dutch nl-NL
Finland-Flag-32.png Finland Finnish fi-FI
Czech-Republic-icon.png Czech Republic Czech cs-CZ
Romania-Flag-icon.png Romania Romanian ro-RO
flag_norway.png Norway Norwegian, Bokmal nb-NO



Other languages

We are considering setting up an open source repository to allow the community of BEE users to submit other languages.

Other configuration parameters

For more information on BEE's configuration parameters, please visit the section Configuring the editor.

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  • Avatar
    Patrick Erdmann

    Hi there,
    we're eveluating beefree for integration into our CRM right now, and I seriously love this tool. Two questions though:
    - We'd need a german language file as most of our customers won't use an editor in english. We can translate it on our own, but it seems this isn't possible as of now?
    - Can you customize the main templates you select at the beginning to give people a better starting point? We need to include a logo (which we already store in another part of the product) and a legal disclaimer at the bottom for example.


  • Avatar
    Guillermo Padilla

    Hi Patrick, we just started a collaboration to add the German language. Follow this article to be updated.
    About templates, you can built your own with the contents that you need: build them as messages and use the generated JSON as templates for your users.

  • Avatar

    We'd need a korean language file for our korean customers.
    We'd appreciate it if you could support.

  • Avatar
    Sarah Burgess

    Hi, Can you tell me when you will add an English-UK version? At the moment using this plugin within our existing product has a different language set and looks odd compared to everything else.

  • Avatar
    Maxim Moneta (MaxMoneta)

    I have got the Finnish translation file, how could I donate it?

  • Avatar
    Sergio M.

    Thank you Maxim! Please view our reply via our support ticket email.

  • Avatar
    Jiří Žižka


    we would love to use your plugin for our CRM but we need to have it translated to Czech language, is it possible to provide you with our translation, or to help you to make one?


  • Avatar
    Sergio M.

    Hi Jiří,

    Thanks for your interest in BEE Plugin!

    Yes, would you be interested in translating the BEE editor text strings in Czech and make this language available?

    We offer a 10% discount on BEE Plugin paid plans for translators.

    Most of our translators are BEE Plugin customers who collaborate on a long term basis, mainly to keep the languages updated when we add new text strings. If you're interested, we'll send you the PO file with the text strings to translate and let you know our full translation workflow.

    Let us know. Thanks!

  • Avatar
    Jiří Žižka

    Thanks for the fast reply.

    I would love to. We are developing a SaaS CRM currently in private alfa version, so we would use free plan until the public release is that OK with you?

    You can contact me via email I use on this profile if needed.

  • Avatar
    Sergio M.

    Hi Jiří, I've opened a separate support ticket to continue the Czech language translation.

  • Avatar

    Hi there! We're already using the bee3 plugin and love it! We have some prospective clients in Thailand and Malaysia, however, local languages are a must. Do you plan on supporting those languages soon? Can we help out with bringing those translations to life somehow?

  • Avatar
    Guillermo Padilla

    Hi Piotr, I will open a support ticket to discuss your request.

  • Avatar
    Makarand Thengdi

    Hi Guillermo Padilla,

    In "LeadSquared", we are already in a process of supporting the following languages -

    Vietnamese (vi-VN)
    Hind (hi-VN)
    Thai (th-TH)
    Arabic (ar-SA)

    We would like to know by when we can expect these languages to be supported in BEE plugin.

    Makarand Thengdi,

  • Avatar
    Guillermo Padilla

    Hi Makarand, I created an email thread from your comment.