Why do I get bump.geetbee.io errors?

As the BEE editor is improved and updated over time, the JSON structure that it uses to describe a document may change. 

The endpoint bump.getbee.io validates and - when needed - updates a JSON document that had been created with an earlier version of the editor. This guarantees backward compatibility for older documents: any document (e.g., an email campaign, a template in your email template catalog, etc.) using a JSON structure that the system finds to be out-of-date gets updated automatically the next time it is passed to the editor.

Why do I get errors?

If the JSON has errors or is not compliant with the expected scheme, the endpoint will trigger a 400 error.

Currently, this feature is working in test mode, tracking any issue with existing JSON documents and allowing us to improve this service. During this testing phase, the system does not stop the loading of the editor when an issue is found.

What should I do?

If the JSON you're using had been built with the editor, there is nothing you need to do. Errors may be due to a misalignment between the endpoint and the available options and will end as soon as we completely update all the components.

If you're modifying the JSON, by adding new elements or removing existing values, you should review how these changes are applied. We recommend not to change the JSON structure or values; any change may create issues to future version updates and messages being lost. If you edit them, please, contact us.


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