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  • Juanita Bradford
    Juanita Bradford

    Hi there, I have a one column eDM, but am trying to change the background colour of one row to yellow so I can have the text in charcoal, but its changing the background colour of the whole edm...

  • Christoph Schleifer
    Christoph Schleifer

    Is there a way to set the height of a row? And set it depending on the screen size?

  • Marianne Madsen
    Marianne Madsen

    Hi Christoph, 

    Thanks for sharing your question with the Beefree community!

    The height of your row depends on the content you have in it. To increase the height, you can use the Spacer content block in the Beefree builder. For more details, please see our help center article: Using dividers and spacers

    What you create with Beefree will automatically be a responsive design that adapts to the screen size of the device that is used for viewing the design, but you can create separate versions of your design for a mobile or desktop by using the mobile design mode as well as the hide on desktop/mobile feature

    I hope this helps!

  • Guillermo Padilla
    Guillermo Padilla

    Hi Nick, not yet, but this is a limit we would like to overcome soon. In the meantime, we recommend using custom HTML for special layout needs, we know that it's not ideal, but may be of help in some cases.

  • Nick Vo
    Nick Vo

    Can I have a row with 5 columns?


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