How do I change the properties of a row?

First mouse over an area of the stage that is free of message content.


Then, click to select it.


The right side of the editor will now show you some properties. They will apply to the entire row (e.g. background color, background image, padding, etc.)


This also includes some settings that apply to each column in the row. A row could contain up to 4 columns, and you can control several settings for each column.


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    Nick Vo Trung

    Can I have a row with 5 columns?

    Edited by Nick Vo Trung
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    Guillermo Padilla

    Hi Nick, not yet, but this is a limit we would like to overcome soon. In the meantime, we recommend using custom HTML for special layout needs, we know that it's not ideal, but may be of help in some cases.

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    Juanita Bradford

    Hi there, I have a one column eDM, but am trying to change the background colour of one row to yellow so I can have the text in charcoal, but its changing the background colour of the whole edm...