Using brands in BEE Pro

Available on BEE Pro "Agency" plan (see plans and pricing details).


Brands add a new level of organizational hierarchy to your BEE Pro account.

Brands are environments to manage messages & projects. Each brand has its settings and user access permissions. BEE Pro subscriptions use one default brand until you upgrade to the Agency plan.

Not only message organization

A brand is more than a projects container to give you another way to organize your work.

Brands have been conceived as environments to manage clients or business units, or isolate a project with special requirements.

With the Agency plan, you can create as many brands as you need.


Brand settings

Settings are not shared between brands so that you can decide for each one:

  • Who will see the brand and work in it
  • What merge tags will be available in the editor
  • What special links will be available in the editor

In the future, brand settings will be expanded to include fonts, colors, ESP connectors, and more.

Brand permissions

"Permissions" is a new setting - available only in the Agency plan - that gives the ability to decide who sees a brand and its contents, and can work on them.

The Permissions are available on the settings page and can be edited by all the users that can access the brand.

The account owner is the only default user for all the brands.

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