Collaboration: a teamwork tool to share, comment and approve email campaigns & templates

Team is About Teamwork

The Team edition of BEE Pro is all about teamwork.

The first teamwork-focused feature that we are excited to introduce is the collaboration tool, which makes it easier and faster to get your emails ready for prime time. It allows you and your colleagues or clients to share, comment, and approve your email campaigns or templates, easily and quickly.


Is your email ready? Save time and headaches deciding if it is!

Collaboration is a workflow optimization tool that will save you time and headaches when trying to decide whether an email message is ready to go.

It makes it easy to co-create your email campaigns with the rest of your team, asking for sign-off, collecting feedback, and adding notes about the message design and copy seamlessly.


Starting a Collaboration Project

To launch the tool, view messages within a project and click on the Collaborate link in the actions menu or in the message box.


You can also click on the same link on the message details page.


The Collaboration system will start in a new window and create a new project for that message.

You will now be able to immediately share it and ask others to comment on it or add your own comments first.


When you share the project, you can add colleagues or clients to share it with, enter a personal note, and send the invitation to collaborate.


If you also want to notify them in a tool like Slack, Skype, etc., you can activate a shareable link, which you can then copy and paste where you wish.

Threads and Comments

Those invited to collaborate on the project will receive a simple email that asks them to get involved.


When they click on the link in the email, they navigate to a page where they can view the message and comment on it.

They can add their thoughts on an existing comment thread, or drop a pin on a specific area of the message (e.g. the logo at the top) to start a new thread (e.g. “The logo is not the right one. We should use…”).


No authentication is necessary to access the system (i.e. anyone with a link can access it), to keep things simple and fast.

A few more notes:

  • View messages in either Comment or Active mode. In Comment mode, all links are inactive: the message is actually just a screenshot of the email.
  • Individual comment threads can be "Resolved" when the issue being discussed has been addressed.
  • Collaborators can easily turn on and off the visibility of resolved threads.
  • When you edit a message based on the feedback received, the latest version of the message updates in the collaboration system once the user clicks again on Collaborate so stakeholders always see the latest version.
  • Stakeholders invited to the project can choose whom to notify when they add a new comment.
  • Projects can be approved even if not all comment threads have been resolved.
  • Older projects can be archived.


We hope you enjoy collaborating with your colleagues and clients with these new features. This is a new feature, and we look forward to your feedback. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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  • Avatar
    Suzanne Morris

    Who has to resolve the comment? Is it only the person that creates the comment originally? Or is it a user level permission?

  • Avatar
    Matteo Mazzolari

    Hi Suzanne and thanks for posting your question! If anyone is involved in the email workflow, he would be notified. You can also tag people within your organization or a share your comment with a customer and he can comment on the collaboration tool, even if he doesn't have an account.

    With regards to your question, the first person who posted the comment can check the "RESOLVE THREAD" box.

    Edited by Matteo Mazzolari
  • Avatar
    Suzanne Morris

    Is there an admin level function where 1 person can close all threads?

  • Avatar
    Matteo Mazzolari

    Unfortunately not, but we will collect your feedback and push it to our product team!

  • Avatar
    Suzanne Morris

    Yes, please. Same with Archiving. The owner or an admin should be able to change status, close any thread and archive any collaboration - whether they started it or not - to manage the board effectively.

  • Avatar
    Matteo Mazzolari

    Ok Suzanne, thanks for your feedback :))