Editing image properties

We just introduced Dynamic Images: Available on BEE Free, BEE Pro and BEE Plugin paid plans. Learn more.

When you insert an image onto the stage or click on an image that has already been added to the message, the properties area of the editor will show you a number of settings that you can configure and tools that you can use.

  • Change image: click on this button to replace the image with a new one.
  • Edit image: click on this button to load an image editing tool that allows you to resize the image, apply visual effects, and much more.
  • URL: specifies where the image is saved. You can also paste an external URL to load an image from there.
  • Dynamic: whether this is a dynamic image. Learn more about dynamic images.
  • Adjust to width: toggle this setting ON and OFF to automatically fill (ON) or not (OFF) the entire area of the message in which the image was placed.
  • Align: change the positioning of the image.
  • Alt text: enter the text that should be displayed when images are turned off. This is a best practice in email design since there are still email clients that have images turned off by default.
  • Action: you may link the image to a URL, to a new message in an email client or to a telephone number for making a call or sending a text message. You can also link the image to a file that you previously uploaded through the editor’s file manager.
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    Kindra Mowbray

    Hi there- when I upload a file from my computer into the file manager. Then use that file in my message, it will display as normal when editing. However, when I save and get the HTML doc, the image doesn't render. Any idea what might be going on?

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    Sergio M.

    Hi Kindra, notice that when you download the message it's a zip file that contains the HTML file and an image folder. You need to import or link those images to the HTML file depending on whether you've opened the HTML file in a program like Dreamweaver or imported the HTML file into your emailing software. We explain this in more detail on https://support.beefree.io/hc/en-us/articles/360004496232-How-to-use-external-images-in-your-message. Hope this clarifies things!

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    Hi, Is it possible to add custom functions along with existing toolbar like Copy, Copy from Word etc. ?

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    Massimo Arrigoni

    Hi Saranya, unfortunately this is not possible at this time.

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    Hi Massimo,

    Thanks for your reply. We are just plan to get Bee free silver plan. But we need some more functionalities like conditional block.
    The conditional block means that text in the email content will display based on condition such as if the email id starts with 'aa', then display some content else don't display.
    E.g.: [[IF ([!Email!] IS 'aa')]]everywhere [[ELSE]] [[END IF]].

    1. If we are giving this as a change request to you after get the paid plan, is it possible for you to do it?

    2. If yes, then ETA please???

    3. And also we have some set of feature need to implement to the existing behaviour.
    Is it possible for a paid user to add any custom function to Merge Tags, etc..

    4. Is each change request is payable?

    5. Also, is it possible to create custom template in HTML??

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    Massimo Arrigoni

    Hi Saranya, please contact us to discuss. Conditional statements is a feature that we are working on "as we speak", so you are catching us at a good time. With regard to everything else, let's discuss. https://beefree.io/contact-us/