BEE Pro vs. BEE Plugin

What's the difference between BEE Pro and BEE Plugin?

BEE Pro is an email design application that embeds the BEE editor by using its plugin, which we call BEE Plugin. Really confused now? Not to worry. Here's how it all works...

  • There's the email editor that you can play with at That's BEE.
  • If you add features to, you end up with BEE Pro.
  • If you want to take the same editor and embed it into your own software, that's BEE Plugin.

Still not sure? Let's look at it from another point of view.

Email Marketers and Agencies

If you are an email designer, email marketing team, or digital marketing agency, you will probably want to look at BEE Pro, our email design suite for marketers and agencies. It allows you to quickly design beautiful emails, save them, organize them, share them with your colleagues or clients, and then export them to the application where you eventually send them.


Developers and Product Managers

Are you developing an application that - among other things - sends emails? Chances are, you need an editor to allow your users to create and edit those messages. That's what BEE Plugin is for. Instead of developing your own email editor - and instead of using a WYSIWYG editor not optimized for email creation - you can easily embed our fantastic, drag-and-drop editor, and make your users happy.

Learn more about our embeddable email component for SaaS.

By the way, there are hundreds of SaaS applications of all kinds that have already embedded the BEE editor to allow their users to easily create beautiful emails, and they love it.

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    Michael Oddi

    Does BEE Pro host the images used in emails? If not, what are your recommendations for hosting images on an external server and making them available to BEE?

  • Avatar
    Massimo Arrigoni

    Hi Michael, thanks for posting this question. If the image is hosted on an external server, you can use it in BEE as described here:

    If the image is uploaded to the editor, right now it is hosted in the Amazon Web Services S3 bucket until you download the zip file with the HTML and the images. In that file the images become "local", and the paths to them are rewritten accordingly.

    There are other ways to "save" the email in ways that will keep the images hosted remotely (e.g. sending a test to a system that can import the HTML that way). See:

    We are looking at allowing users to keep the images hosted on our S3 bucket. There are some email deliverability concerns with that: you do not have control on the domain where the images are hosted, and there is - by definition - no alignment between that domain and the domain of your FROM address and/or of the ESP that will be sending the email. This could play into the overall domain reputation associated with the message you are sending. So we are looking at this with some caution.

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    Anthony Monteiro

    We have an enterprise use with over 60k potential users. Is there permission restrictions and how does the pricing work?

  • Avatar
    Sergio M.

    Hi Anthony, are you looking to embed the BEE editor into your own application? If so, please review the BEE Plugin pricing on

    Alternatively, if you're simply looking to use the BEE editor, please take a look at BEE Pro:

    Hope this helps! Let us know if you have any questions.