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  • Ariane Ferreira
    Ariane Ferreira

    Hi! My company does not allow monthly fees. Is there a way you can send me an annual amount invoice?

  • Sergio M.
    Sergio M.

    Hi Ariane, unfortunately we only offer a monthly subscription to BEE Pro at the moment, but we're indeed looking at offering a yearly plan in the future. I'll keep you (and the community) posted once this becomes available.

  • Lisa Egberts
    Lisa Egberts

    Hi, yesterday I wanted to upgrade my account and I filled in all required fields. Unfortunately, nothing happened and I never got a confirmation or anything.

    Before I do everything again, could you maybe check if everything went well?

  • Massimo Arrigoni
    Massimo Arrigoni

    Hi Lisa, we're not sure what might have happened. Thanks for updating your account. We reviewed your subscription and reactivated it for you. You can now log in at

  • Israel Lot
    Israel Lot

    I'm having trouble updating my payment details due to a bug on the zip code since it's not a us zip code.

  • Massimo Arrigoni
    Massimo Arrigoni

    Hi Israel, we're sorry for the inconvenience. In some cases there are indeed issues with our payment gateways (Chase Paymentech). We'll look up your subscription and get it resolved. If needed, we'll contact you through our support ticket system.

  • Cosimo Bernalda
    Cosimo Bernalda

    Hi, can I renew my account by paying with a different method than the credit card? For example Paypal or Bank Transfer?

  • Melania

    Hi Cosimo, thanks for your comment. We do not accept these payment options for the time being. 

  • Lung Wai LAU
    Lung Wai LAU


    I would like to subscribe to Bee Pro monthly and I would probably subscribe two months only in a year since I don't use Bee Pro frequently.  Therefore, I have the following questions:

    (1) If I have set a custom domain for my emails/page, but then I downgrade my account to a free plan, then what would happen to the custom domain I set before? Would it be the same or change to a default domain set by Bee Pro.


    (2) A free account allows a maximum of 10 designs of email/pages so if I upgrade to a Team plan and create more than 10 designs, but after that I downgrade to a free plan, then what would happen to those exceeding designs? Would it be deleted or kept in my account and reactivate after I update to a Team plan again?

  • Melania

    Hi Lung. Thanks for your questions and for choosing our editor! Please note that you can set a custom domain if you are on an Enterprise plan. Instead, you can set a subdomain if you choose to upgrade to a Team plan (see the full article here). That said, if you decide to downgrade from Enterprise to the Free plan, a modal will appear asking you to confirm to cancel your custom domain. If you downgrade from a Team to a Free plan, you will be asked to cancel the customized subdomain. So in both cases, it will change to the default domain.

    About the limits of 10 designs, when you downgrade from Team to Free, we will show you the latest designs you worked on. The rest of them will be 'frozen' but they can be available again if you decide to upgrade again.

    I hope this information was helpful. Let us know if you need further explanations!


  • Kate Seigle
    Kate Seigle


    I have more users added to my subscription than active users on my team. How can I downgrade my paid account to remove the additional users and the charge associated with having them on my account?


    Thank you,


  • Kristy Mitchell
    Kristy Mitchell

    Is there a way to add more viewers?

  • Logan

    Hi Kate and Kristy!

    Thanks for being apart of the Beefree community; we're happy to have you here!

    To first answer your question Kate, this section of our 'Multi-user support and management in Beefree' article in our Help Center gives great information on accomplishing this!

    To answer your question, Kristy, regrettably, we only have a limit of four viewers in our Team subscription and don't currently have the option to purchase more viewers at this time. However, this option does apply to our Enterprise plan in order to best fit your organization's needs! You can find more information on the difference between the two plans in the following Help Center article: Beefree - Team and Enterprise Plans

    For future reference, you can also review the following Help Center article for more information on Viewers right here.

    I hope this information helps you both! Feel free to respond if you have any follow-up questions; we'll be happy to assist further!

  • Quique Alijo
    Quique Alijo

    I have just made a monthly subscription, but when I receive the invoice I see that I have put the wrong data, and I need the correct invoice with the company's VAT number.
    I attach an image so that you can understand how it has arrived to me and know how I can get the correct invoice with the name and cif of the company.

  • Roisin  Grieco
    Roisin Grieco

    Hello Quique!

    I will post a ticket on your behalf so that we can help you with the matter.


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