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  • Vadim

    Hi Massimo, we have a bug with borders, is this a good place to report it?

    On a multi-column layout (2-4 columns) when setting Borders on the different columns they end up being different heights because the inner-content of each "box" is different.

    Would it be possible to either

    1) Make it so that border on "column 1" and "column 2" are same height
    2) Have a separate "structure border" setting?

    Our use case is that we want to have a single nice border around the whole email, but email is made up of 1- and 2-column structures. So the TOP structure gets a LEFT, TOP, RIGHT border, the BOTTOM structure gets a LEFT, BOTTOM, MIDDLE border, and all middle structures only get LEFT and RIGHT borders. and this works great if they are All 1-column structures. This all breaks down when it's a multi-column structure.

    Hope that makes sense.

    Thank you!

    [ Paid BEE Plugin user and really loving it! ]

  • Massimo Arrigoni
    Massimo Arrigoni

    Hi Vadimb, thank you for the kind words about the editor. We see what you mean. We'll discuss it internally and see what we can do. Thanks again for your feedback.

  • Sean Ross-Ross
    Sean Ross-Ross

    Was this issue solved?

  • Raviraj Darvesh
    Raviraj Darvesh

    Hey @Massimo, can you please update how we can resolve this multicolumn border issue?
    While using multi-columns row, if the content of sibling columns differs from each other then the borders around the columns do not match the height of parent row. This results in different borders around different columns in a single row.

  • Willow Elliott
    Willow Elliott

    Hi Raviraj, thanks for reaching out. Borders in a multi-column row will only extend as far as the content entered in each column. which can cause border alignment issues when the columns have different lengths. To prevent this issue, we recommend using content that is all the same size in multi-column rows (i.e. all images have the same dimensions). With that being said, I'm happy to pass along your feedback about this to our Product team for consideration as well!

  • Gabriel Khaicy
    Gabriel Khaicy

    Hi, are there any developments on this front? Same-sized content in a row is not always possible, and columns stacking on mobile is a further problem. (I have the same use case as Vadim above)

  • Melania

    Hi Gabriel, thanks for your comment. We are going to open a ticket so we can analyze better your case. Best.


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