July 2016 | Photo gallery search and custom fonts

We're happy to unveil a new BEE release, which contains two big new features, along with additional improvements and bug fixes. You can now...

  1. Search for free, high quality stock photos to use in your messages, directly in the BEE editor through the file manager. Available on BEE Pro, BEE Plugin (paid plans), and beefree.io.
  2. Add custom fonts and choose which fonts to make available to users of the editor in your app. Available for BEE Plugin users (paid plans only).


1. Free stock photos

We've partnered with three of the most popular stock photo services - Unsplash, Pexels, and Pixabay - to offer BEE users the ability to search a large repository of high quality images that are free to use under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. Simply pull up the file manager in the BEE editor and you'll find the Search free photos button.

See more details on the new image search.

Embedding BEE in your app? Please note that by default this feature is turned off. Learn how to easily enable the photo gallery in your BEE Plugin application using the developer portal.


2. Custom fonts management

Continuing on the improvements that we began in April with support for web fonts, we've gone a step forward allowing you to customize the list of fonts available in the BEE editor.

This new feature allows you to:

  • Expand the set of available fonts, adding web fonts from popular services like Google fonts, font library or alike. You are no longer limited to the default set of fonts.
  • Restrict the font list to a limited number of options, removing some or all our default fonts.

Fonts are declared in the client-side configuration passed to BEE Plugin, so you can customize them at the level you need: user categories, users, messages, etc.

Combine this feature with a configuration form on your application to:

  • Allow your users to add the fonts they need
  • Allow some users to restrict fonts availability (e.g. to match a brand's requirements, or to keep things simpler for certain users)

See how it works in the fonts management article.


Additional improvements and bug fixes


  • Two languages added. The BEE editor is now available in Russian and South Korean.
  • A new warning message has been added in the file manager to prevent files from automatically overwriting existing files.
  • Added two social network links - VKontakte and Odnoklassniki - popular in Russia.
  • Added 4 new icon collections to the social content.
  • The Instagram social icon has been updated.
  • More descriptive error messages.
  • A new and improved error tracking system will alert us when the editor crashes on your application.
  • Improved error tracking system and disaster recovery procedures.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a problem in the file manager when creating folders with non-Latin characters in the name.
  • Fixed an issue with the Danish translation of the text toolbar.
  • Fixed the delete all behavior in the file manager.
  • Fixed the undesired font-size reset when a link is applied to a selected text.
  • Fix to the merge tags feature when using @ as the selector, to allow scrolling.
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