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  • Nicole Arana
    Nicole Arana

    I am using Bee Free. I downloaded the zip file and was able to insert the html, but NO PICTURES appear in the email!!! I cannot figure out how to make the pictures show up in the email. Please help!

  • Shahira Bhasha
    Shahira Bhasha

    Why are pictures in BeePro's emails downloadable? When I hover over images in the emails, they're clickable and downloadable.

  • Willow Elliott
    Willow Elliott

    Hi Shahira, thanks for reaching out! Are you noticing this behavior in Gmail, by any chance? If so, this behavior results from the lack of an action URL attached to the image. For more information, check out Email on Acid's article:

  • Aric Arthur
    Aric Arthur

    Hi, I read online that marketing emails should ideally be under 100KB to avoid spam detection etc. How does it work with remotely hosted images? Because they are not embedded in the email itself and 'pulled' in, does that mean that the email size is small? My current images amount to around 300kb per email template but are hosted remotely on your servers. Does this mean I exceed the 100KB limit or it's okay? Trying to get my head around how this works. Thanks!

  • Logan Elmore
    Logan Elmore

    Hi Aric!

    Thanks for being part of the BEE Pro Free community - great question and thanks for asking!

    When an email is generated, Images do not count towards the overall size of the email, mainly the size of the HTML in which the images are nested. If the length of the code is fairly intense, then there may be times when this may be an overlying issue. However, regarding images themselves, this typically is not a contributor. I hope this solves your question and provides a little more clarity.


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