Common questions about BEE Plugin

Does BEE Plugin send emails?

No, the plugin simply allows you to embed the BEE editor (the editor that you can use at into your application.

Does BEE Plugin stores the emails?

No, you will save them in your application. It's entirely up to you how to save them. BEE Plugin makes "calls" to your application when users:

  1. Save a message
  2. Save a message as a template

At that point the Plugin will pass to your application two versions of the message:

  • HTML file, which can be used when the email needs to be sent.
  • JSON file, which describes the message and can be passed back to the BEE editor when the message needs to be edited. 

Do users need credentials to use the BEE editor?

No, the credentials mentioned here (Cliend ID and Client Secret) refer to your application: you, as the hosting application, need credentials to authenticate yourself as an authorized user of BEE Plugin (e.g. a CRM system that wants to offer a good email editor to its users).

Once the plugin has been embedded into your application, users of your application will access the BEE editor seamlessly.

Can I use the sample code "as is"?

Not the client-side sample: it's not safe for a production environment. It was conceived as a quick way for you to test the Plugin. Someone could steal your credentials easily (just viewing the source code of the page). To keep them safe, authorization must be managed sever-side, as the .NET sample does.

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