Configuring message settings

In the Message tab you can configure settings that apply to the entire message.

Let's take a quick look.

  • Message Width: set the width for the content area. This is used when the device has a screen larger than that width. You can think of it as a "max" width for that content area. On small devices, it will be ignored.
  • Background Color: the default background color for the message. You will be able to override it at the row, column, and content block level when settings properties for those elements.
  • Message Background Color: the default background color for the content area, which is the area for which you set the Message Width above.
  • Font: the default font family that all content elements in the message will inherit. Of course, you can overwrite this selection at the content block level.
  • Link Color: the default link color that all links will inherit, unless you overwrite it for individual elements.

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